10 Websites to Find Out Phone Carriers for Free in 2024


Have you ever wondered who’s calling you and which phone company they’re using? Well, you’re not alone. Some websites can help you find out which carrier a phone number belongs to. It’s like having caller-ID for phone carriers.

Why would you want to know this? Maybe you’re a business owner looking to organize your communications better. Knowing the carrier can help with that. Or maybe you’re getting unwanted calls and need more details for a report. Whatever the reason, carrier lookup services can give you useful information. Know more about cell phone number provider lookup

In this article, we’ll explain how these websites work, talk about the difference between free and paid services, and review the top 10 free carrier lookup websites available. So, if you’ve ever been curious about the carrier behind a phone number, keep reading.

Understanding Phone Carrier Lookup Services

These services act like digital detectives. When you enter a phone number, they search through a database to find which carrier the number belongs to. This database is usually made from public records and other sources. Once the service finds a match, it shows you the carrier information.

Are there paid versions of these services? Yes, there are. Paid versions might offer more detailed information, like the owner’s name, address, or email. Some services might also provide customer support or more detailed reports for a fee.

Top 10 Free Phone Number Carrier Lookup Services

1.Free Carrier Lookup

Free to use

Simple interface

Instant results

Limited to carrier information

Includes advertising on the website

2. Dexatel Free Carrier Lookup


Professional website

Only provides carrier information

Accuracy may vary

3. Messente Free Carrier Check


Part of a suite of communication tools


Limited to carrier information

4. Verifone


Dedicated phone number validation service

Straightforward to use

Only provides carrier information



Provides more than carrier information

User-friendly interface

Charges after a few free checks



Email verification

No ads

Limited to carrier information



Part of a suite of fraud prevention tools

Easy to use

Limited to carrier information

8. GEOfinder


Location tracking

Easy to use

Requires sign-up

9. Textrapp Free Carrier Lookup


Easy to use

Limited to U.S. and Canadian numbers

Accuracy may vary

10. CarrierLookUp


Dedicated to carrier lookup

Limited to U.S. numbers

Only provides carrier information

How to Use a Phone Carrier Lookup Service

Pick Your Tool:

Choose a carrier lookup website.

Type in the Number:

Enter the phone number you want to look up.

Select the Country:

If needed, choose the country the number is from.

Hit Search:

Start the search.

Check Out the Results: See the carrier information for that phone number.

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