Bitcoin Dedicated Server For Instant Deployment


A server is a hardware or software that is responsible for managing networks. To host a website, servers have to be set up.

There are many types of servers, namely shared, dedicated servers to name a few.

A dedicated server, as the name suggests, caters to a single website i.e. it is dedicated to a single client. Hosting a single client allows access to its resources- such as RAM, memory- to solely one website. On the flip side, a shared server hosts multiple websites at a time.

You must have heard of a server going down due to the high traffic of a website, a dedicated server is a remedy to that.

In this article, we’ll discuss when to switch to a dedicated server and how to buy it.

When to use dedicated servers?

Initially, when a business is launched, everyone uses a shared server due to its low cost.  Suggested below are a few stages at which you should consider switching to a dedicated server-

1. Expected increase in website traffic –

In the case of shared servers, an increase in website traffic may cause the server to go down causing a negative user experience.

In a dedicated server, a spike in website traffic doesn’t cause any worry as in this server resources- like RAM, disk space- are at your disposal solely.

2. Confidential Information –

Sites that handle confidential information like customer details and credit card details tend to have security concerns. Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers provide their clients the flexibility to upscale their security features based on their needs and concerns.

3. Speed loading of website pages –

Websites that take time to load are likely to revert the users. Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers help you optimize their resources and load your pages at optimal speed.

4. Have control over the resources of the server –

From operating system to preferred software, dedicated servers allow you to choose resources according to your needs and optimize them.

How to purchase a dedicated server?

There are many online ways to purchase a dedicated server for your websites like using PayPal, cryptocurrency, and credit cards.

Nowadays, bitcoins- a digital currency that is free of central control- can also be used to purchase a dedicated server.

Bitcoin dedicated servers take a few clicks and minutes to deploy. They eliminate the need to follow long online processes to avail the service and deliver instant deployment. A feasible way to buy a server, you just have to have a balance in your account to get your server instantly.

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