In today’s digital era, advances in technology cannot be separated from everyday life in society. Various information that is available or presented from various parts of the world can be obtained directly or we know through technological advances or can be called globalization. Globalization that occurs cannot be denied the impact of increasingly rapid technological advances. Especially gadgets, where this smartphone also plays an important role in everyday human activities. Buy iPhone 12 is the most popular smartphone among gadget makers.

Many good and bad things that accompany the development of technology. The good impact of technological development must of course be utilized and used properly so that it can benefit our daily lives. And regarding the bad effects on our lives we should be able to filter out what is good and bad. Of course, we have to leave the bad impact and keep it away from our thoughts or our daily lives. The more technology develops, the wider all kinds of information that exist in cyberspace are also wide open. Everyone can surf freely exploring the world via the internet. We can easily get wide open information whatever it is. But it would be nice if we could sort out what is good and what is bad for ourselves, especially for teenagers who are already actively using gadgets. The influence of gadgets and the development of technology is indeed fierce. If everyone cannot sort out the good and bad sides, of course this development will become a boomerang in the future.

  At present it can be likened to the world as if it were only one hand held, with the advancement of technology. This expression is based on the fact that the fast information from various parts of the world makes the world seem to be getting narrower. What happens in other parts of the world, of course we can get the information easily even though we are not in that country. The existing technological advances have certainly led to many enormous changes in human life, especially for people with eastern cultures. The impact of the development of technology (internet) is not only affecting urban communities, but also communities in remote villages. And that certainly has consequences. As a result, all kinds of information, both positive and negative, can be easily accessed by the wider community. Both the young and the elderly, as long as they are not tech-savvy and able to operate it. Slowly, without realizing it, more or less these things change the lifestyle and mindset of the people in general, especially rural people with all their ignorance and innocence.

Nowadays, gradually advances in technology begin to erode the minds of everyone. How technological advances have influenced their lifestyle and mindset. From an ordinary society, simple people might change a little into individuals who are oriented from what they understand in cyberspace. Information on trends and lifestyles of other people, which he considers the direction of fashion and their current way of life. Everyone’s hope is that the development of technology will not completely erode the values, personality and culture of every nation.

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