What’s Web Design? Everything You Need to Know


Only about 50% of small businesses have a company website. Unfortunately, not every website visually appeals to consumers. In fact, almost 40% of people will stop interacting with an unappealing website.

What’s web design exactly, and what do you need for a wow-worthy website?

Keep reading to find out! In this guide, we’ll review everything you need to know to improve your own website. Read on to learn more!

What is Web Design?

First, let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind: what’s web design exactly?

Web design refers to the appearance, content, and layout of websites on the internet. A talented web designer can improve how this information appears to attract and engage customers. How the information is structured and designed can keep consumers engaged.

There are many different aspects of a website you’ll need to consider to improve the user experience.

For example, more people are exploring websites from their mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, it could impact the user experience. Consumers could struggle to use and navigate your website.

Instead, you can use modern web design elements to improve the user experience. Visitors will click around, explore, and learn more about your business if they like your site.

Web Design Elements

There are two different types of web design elements you’ll need to consider: visual and interactive elements.

Visual elements include parts of the web design like fonts and colors. Interactive elements, on the other hand, involve how visitors use your website. Interactive elements can include your site’s structure or navigation.

Visual Elements

A talented web design can help adjust your website content to appeal to your target audience. These visual elements can include:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Layout
  • Spacing
  • Imagery
  • Copy

Make sure to choose a web designer with experience in your industry. They can help you accomplish your goals. For example, real estate websites by Agent Elite uses web design elements to help real estate companies sell properties.

Interactive Elements

If you’re asking yourself “what’s web design,” it’s important to think about the functional elements of your site, too. These components include the website’s:

  • Navigation
  • Pop-ups
  • Forms
  • Scrolling style
  • Animations
  • Speed
  • Structure
  • Cross-device compatibility

These elements can impact how consumers use and explore your website. If you neglect these elements, you could lose customers. For example, about 40% of customers will stop engaging with a slow website.

When improving your website design with user experience in mind, you need to consider how the visual and interactive elements work together. How will visitors explore your website? Where will they click to during their visit?

An experienced web designer can help you determine how to adjust your website content and layout to appeal to your target audience.

What’s Web Design: Your Complete Guide to a Wow-Worthy Website

To recap, what’s web design, exactly? It’s the balance of visual and interactive elements to produce a website capable of boosting your business! With a talented web designer on your side, you can attract customers and generate more leads.

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