How to Formulate a Digital Market Strategy for Real Estate


Strategy Formulation is a process of outlining the broad-based plan and backing it up with activities and processes aligned to the overall plan in order to fulfill it. This actually means putting in all the marketing goals and objectives along with all the means and ways to achieve and fulfill them. Any Digital Marketing Strategy should have its Marketing Objectives clearly spelt and written down to the detail. Marketing Objectives can be achieved through two forms of promotions. One is the Organic Method and the other, Paid Method.

Let us discuss the various objectives of a Digital Marketing Strategy and those multiple promotional methods that can be used to achieve them in both the Organic and Paid Formats.


Organic Method: Organic Forms of branding include using many tools, approaches and methodologies. Image directory submissions and content submissions in social media work are great methods for Organic Branding.

Paid Method: Under the Paid Methods, online banners, Google PPC and Google Display Ads, and Social Media Ads in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and such popular social media platforms will greatly help.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The idea of Online Reputation Management is creating recognition and trust for the brand and increasing its authority in its domain, sector or field.

Organic Method: Organically the brand’s reputation can be built and improved through Press Releases, social media posts, blog post submissions, stories in your website, Case Studies, infographics submissions in image directories such as Pinterest, TinyPic, etc., Questions and Answers (Q&A’s), participation discussions and posts in Forums, video marketing through YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and such video directories and video submission sites, and Keywords Marketing through SEO.

Paid Method: Your Online Brand Reputation can be improved under the Paid Methodologies  through Paid Press Releases and News Distribution through News Distribution Companies and Platforms, Sponsored Posts in Facebook and other social media platforms.

Increasing Web Presence

Organic Method: Organically, we can increase your Web Presence by strategically placing your Web URL’s, brand identities, backlinks, brand mentions and top keywords in the online space through various business directory submissions which include local, regional, national, global, trade and industry vertical directories.Other useful forms of organic promotion are relevant hashtags, tags, meta descriptions, keywords, brand mentions/links and even Guest Posts.

Paid Method: In the Paid Method, you can use various tools, approaches, methods and methodologies such as Premium, Featured, Category Topper and Sponsored Listings in business directories, strategic placement of your keywords and Ad Banners as PPC and Sponsored Ads in apps, popular blog sites and influencer websites. You can go for the Paid Form of Pinned Posts and Cover Pictures in High Authority Social Media personalities’ pages. Buy Best Backlink Services.

Countering Competition

These are sets of activities done keeping in view the competition in your niche and also in an attempt to address the indirect competition in the industry or the market you are operating in. You can tone up or tone down these activities depending upon the intensity of the competition and the number of players in your niche.

Organic Method: The organic or the natural way of countering competition is to increase your participation with image directories such as image directories and image sharing platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc., with the relevant and contextual use of keywords, backlinks, descriptions, tags, and meta descriptions. Add to these, there is the Inbound Marketing method which is Content Marketing. With the right schedule and frequency of posts supported by quality content, you will be able to address and somehow ease (though not neutralize) the competitive  atmosphere, and thereby increase your chances of web traffic, brand visibility and sales conversions.

Paid Method: You can use Mobile Marketing with Targeted Ads, Social Media Marketing with Ads and Sponsored Posts, display banner ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is Google PPC ads, etc., to ramp up your efforts to counter the competition – subject to the competitive climate, market trends, and competitor activities and advertising.

Increasing Call-To-Action (CTA) Responses

This is a stage where even many professional or seasoned Digital Marketers fumble. It is very important for any digital campaign to be successful. That’s only when the venture gets its returns from the campaign. Having said, the promotions whether paid or organic should fulfill their purpose of meeting the business ends of the brand which may be generating website traffic, brand engagements, lead generation, increasing blog readership, YouTube video views, backlink clicks, online form filling, subscriptions to newsletters or YouTube channel, use of coupon codes, likes/shares/forwards, online product purchases or physical visits to the store. You have to use appropriate tools, content and timing to achieve your both broad and fine-tuned narrowed down objectives.

Organic Method: In the free or the organic form of promotion you can increase your Call-To-Action responses and leads by incorporating chat bots in your online properties. This helps you to connect instantly with your users and prospects, respond instantaneously and handle queries in no time. More ways to go about improving your CTA responses are using appropriate backlinks with right anchor text and keywords, Guest Blogging in the right and niche category, and higher authority influencer sites and blogs. These will give you more mileage in terms of visibility which will eventually result in the achievement of your business goals and objectives including sales of your products and services listed in e-commerce websites.

Paid Method: There are a number of tools and methods to increase your Call-To-Action (CTA) responses. They include Search Engine Marketing (PPC ads) and inbound lead generation methods. You can use social media marketing methods very effectively to generate leads and traffic for a higher rate of conversion. As such, you can use social media’s paid forms such as ads, lead generation forms and sponsored posts, paid or featured listings in directories including local or industry vertical directories which help in a very higher rate of conversions and business enquiries. You can use local, national, global and industry publications to possibly increase your brand and marketing content in your local, regional or niche segment.

A powerful method, Retargeting can be used to reach out to online users who earlier visited your website. These once-tried-and-left potential customers may again engage with your brand if given yet another exposure, thereby increasing your chances of business conversions.

These apart, you can try and use new and upcoming tools and methods to new, existing and broadened audience sets for higher and better CTA responses and conversions. The right way to all across to improve CTA responses is to choose the right platforms, right distribution pattern and great and creative content.


All said and done, as you start formulating your Digital Marketing Strategy, all you have to do is learn about all the tools and techniques and check the length and breadth of the whole Digital Marketing tunnel. Every tool, platform and media has his own potential and limitations. As a Digital Marketer, you have to strike the right balance between branding and conversion goals, and then accordingly choose tools, platform, media, content, keywords and schedules to distribute your ad or content. The more you do in the right way, the better are your chances of bringing about dramatic results. Learn more on our Link Building & SEO Services in

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