What is the Price and Fee for Maintaining and Updating WordPress?


What are the fees, cost and price for maintaining and updating a WordPress page? Find out how much it costs to maintain and update your website!

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Many times, the price of maintaining web pages takes a large part of the budget that you had not even contemplated.

And it is that we have the belief that web projects have a beginning and an end, that is we create the website, it is put into operation, and that’s all. And it’s not like that at all!

Now that you are also aware that the investment of a website is continuous over time, you may be looking for rates and the best price for maintaining your WordPress page, but first you must know what is meant by “maintenance”.

It is important that you know this and, above all, what activities should be included in that service, so that the investment involved in making your website and, now, maintaining it is justified and brings real results to your company.

In advance, I am  telling you that, the tasks to include and, especially, the price of maintaining and updating the website, in the case of WordPress, will depend on how demanding your web project is and its size.

With these two key factors, you will be able to find a tailor-made WordPress maintenance fee and cost that allows you to scale your web project, that is, optimize your website and make it grow, of course, always at the lowest possible cost for your company.

The rates and price for the maintenance of your WordPress page must be scalable in order to keep the website optimized with respect to its size and potential at all times.

Maybe, analyzing the different rates and price modalities for the maintenance of a WordPress website, you may realize that you do not need a maintenance service as great as you thought.

Or that it is not worth it if you compare it with the benefit that you hope to obtain with the website, especially if your business is not scalable.

If you look, it is like having a car, depending on the making and model, it will cost you more to maintain it; beyond what you initially paid for it.

Let’s see then the philosophy of maintenance services that is applied for web projects in general and, especially, when working with the WordPress system.

This information will be very useful because, depending on your position and web maintenance requirements, the rate and price of this service will be one or the other: you will have to invest more or less money.

What is The Maintenance And Updating of A WordPress Page? 

The service plan for the maintenance, updating and improvement of WordPress pages and, more specifically, the price and fees that you assign to maintenance and improvement of your website will depend on what you understand as maintenance and your needs.

And, why deny it: the level of commitment you have with your project on the Internet.

There are two types of people: those who anticipate changes and those who correct on the fly.

It is not a secret that those who anticipate needs have more control over the situation, since they have defined the different scenarios where their website may fail or can be improved.

Those who only act when the problem arises tend to spend more money because, correcting, involves unplanned actions and setbacks.

For example, a person who anticipates possible security attacks on their website, and corrects it, does not need to spend as much money as someone who did not anticipate the situation and now has a hacked WordPress website that needs to be repaired.

Preventive Maintenance

This approach to web maintenance is what I am interested in considering as it involves a review of the actions necessary to make your WordPress website work and up to date.

Preventive maintenance on WordPress websites allows you to have a work schedule and fixed activities that guarantee that your website will function efficiently.

Does preventive web maintenance prevent major ills? In the vast majority of cases yes, because you are constantly aware of possible flaws in WordPress and you can detect an error before it even appears on your website.

The main function of this preventive maintenance is to buffer possible situations that put your WordPress website at risk.

If you consider it, which I recommend, the rates and price for preventive WordPress maintenance are fixed and recurring every month and that could be a point against. ” For them it is not this type of maintenance, but corrective maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is based on correcting errors, or aspects to improve, present on our WordPress page. It is the most usual way of working on the Internet, but it is not the most economically optimal.

Those who resort to corrective maintenance often think “Is my website failing?”

At first glance we might think that this is a cheaper web maintenance option in WordPress than preventive maintenance, which we have seen previously.

But the reality is that, when it comes to fixing the WordPress website, it is much more expensive than if we had planned and prevented it from happening.

It is true that it could work and be a good option for small WordPress maintenance problems, but not for important tasks such as updating the system, its security or anything that affects the experience of web users.

It does not work for a simple reason: while we discover the problem and hire someone, our website is losing potential and interest among the potential clients who access it, to the point of not offering us any benefits, losing visits and possible sales.

What Do WordPress Maintenance Fees Include? 

I anticipated the importance of maintaining and improving the WordPress page: user satisfaction with your website.

You already know that your web project seeks to generate profits according to a business plan that you have devised. If your website does not work properly, the chances of making money with it are reduced to a minimum and, with it, your entire business strategy.

Imagine that the payment gateway does not work in your virtual store would you be making money with your web project? No, of course not.

This is the case with many other scenarios that can occur, for example, if your website has been hacked (hacked), or its web positioning disappears in Google, or is not seen on the mobile devices of your potential customers etc.

Maintaining your website in WordPress should be your concern from the day your website is published, but it should be an investment optimized for your reality!

I explain. As much as your website is important and profitable, you cannot invest in maintaining your website, a certain amount that makes the web project unprofitable.

For example, having a person all day pending the maintenance of a small blog of a micro-company would not be profitable. For a much larger web page, for example the virtual store of a multinational, it would be necessary, advisable and profitable.

We are going to summarize a little of what we have talked about so far. Do you need to maintain your WordPress page? Yes. Do you need to hire a company to maintain the website? Would be ideal. What should you include in the maintenance plan and fee in WordPress? Let’s see the minimum.

As you know, the most comprehensive rates and plans offered by WordPress page maintenance companies include actions that go beyond hiring the right hosting server and renewing the web domain.

The easiest way to plan the maintenance of your WordPress page is to separate the actions according to their nature.

Technical-Functional Web Maintenance 

If you want, the maintenance and optimization actions of your server and web domain can be understood as functional web maintenance, as this maintenance refers to the technical part of what is not seen, which makes the WordPress website work.

Even so, we can give approaches to technical-functional maintenance.

At the security level

The problem of hacking (hacking) is not a myth, hundreds of web pages of all kinds are hacked daily.

I know that you may be thinking that your website is not of interest to any hacker but, most of the time, hackers perform these attack actions completely randomly, simply so that the rest of the world knows what they are capable of to do it.

We are all at risk of receiving these types of attacks on our website, especially if it is in WordPress since its security problems (called bugs ) are made public by the WordPress company itself, available to hackers to plan their attacks!

The fee and price of maintaining the WordPress page, in this sense, consists of finding and correcting security errors that violate your website, either from the WordPress (core) system itself, by any plugin or by the way in which the website has been developed.

Is it easy to fix a security problem in WordPress? No. Are there basic actions that improve web security in WordPress? Yes, especially in WordPress that there are plugins for everything. Later we will talk about the price.

At The Level of Operation And User Experience

For me, these actions should be carried out more frequently, since they condition the user experience on our website.

For example, if a plugin malfunctions, or is incompatible with the rest of the web programming in WordPress, it affects the experience of our possible client, and he will leave our website frustrated.

You need to be up to date with this. Obviously, not all the time there will be problems with the operation of the web page, but it would be necessary to review it after the update or when you install a new plugin.

Graphic Or Design Maintenance 

In the design of the website in WordPress there are elements that are damaged over time, although it sounds strange. Templates (themes) are used that, from one day to the next, stop being seen as they should usually be due to a new update of the theme, a plugin or the WordPress system itself.

I’m not saying it’s a day-to-day thing, but if it does and will happen sooner or later, trust me.

Preventive Before New Trends 

Beyond the small flaws, there are actions of maintaining the WordPress page at the design level that are decisive in keeping our website within the aesthetic and digital marketing trend.

We have talked about it before, every time the technology for creating web pages evolves, we will have to make changes.

Corrective To Visual Failure

It is what I explained before, there are elements that stop working, not only because they have updated the template, but because of the compatibility of some plugins that we have installed in our WordPress system.

You must request a fee and the maintenance price of your WordPress that includes checking that everything is working correctly visually. Although web design errors are very easy to detect and correct by any expert WordPress technical support service.

Content Maintenance

In general, no content is subject to change in short periods of time, but it requires maintenance so that the content reflects the reality of the company, its promotions, the products and services it offers etc at all times.

What Are The Rates And Prices For Maintaining A WordPress And Updating It? 

According to the WordPress expert you hire and their rates

WordPress web maintenance fees and prices may vary as the case may be.

For example, if you have experience with developing web pages and you take care of some tasks of maintaining your website yourself, it would cost you more time than money and, you should analyze, if you have the availability to carry out all the activities.

I have always said it, many times the maintenance of a web page fails because we do not know how to delegate the necessary tasks. If web maintenance has the lowest priority among several things you should do, then you better leave it to someone else.

If you hire someone to maintain your WordPress website, the rate and cost, on average, is around 150 or 200 euros per month.

Do You Find It Expensive Or Very Cheap Rated? It will surely depend on your website. For example, if you have an online web store that bills several thousand euros a year, 200 euros a month for its maintenance should be cheap.

On the other hand, if your website is a blog of your small business, that same rate and price for the maintenance of your WordPress will be expensive and, in that case, the best thing would be for you to spend time on training and taking care of maintaining it yourself, the Web.

According To The Maintenance Tasks To Be Carried Out That Are Required

The tasks to be carried out depend on the website as well as your commercial strategy on the Internet and that will affect the rate and price of maintaining your WordPress website.

I know web projects whose companies never stop improving them; Those projects require a very demanding and high-cost web maintenance and update plan.

The web maintenance fees in WordPress depend, to a large extent, on the experience of the person or company that you hire.

It is not only about the activities that are carried out, but also their effectiveness. Someone may charge you very little to improve and maintain the security of your website, but it may not have any effect due to lack of knowledge and experience in the area.

There must be, and indeed is, a balance between the volume of work to be done and the quality with which it is done.

According To The Type of Website And Your Requirements 

There are larger web pages than others, but above all, there are more profitable web pages than others. Many times the profitability of the business defines the budget for its web maintenance.

I do not mean that, because a website is very profitable, you should spend more on its maintenance.

But it does condition your available budget for the maintenance of the WordPress website and its cost and rate. In other words, the value of the website for your company will make you more interested in that there is no problem and invest in actions that keep your website working properly.

There is a relationship between the profit potential and the price willing to cover for the maintenance of WordPress.

An e-commerce company, for example, could agree to pay higher fees and prices for WordPress web maintenance as it offers the owner company direct profits generated by purchase orders that would not exist if the website malfunctioned.

Is The Price of WordPress Maintenance Higher Than on Other Web Pages? 

The rate and price of WordPress web maintenance is directly related to the ease of managing and administering the website and, it can be extrapolated, to its content managers.

For example, WordPress, compared to Joomla, is a more intuitive system, making maintenance easier to carry out and, therefore, cheaper to maintain.

A person who has to update a Joomla will probably charge more because the activities require more attention to detail, and the system architecture is more complex.

Now, always and at the end it depends on the activity and the size of the web page. Sometimes the time that web maintenance is carried out can cause variations in the rate and its price.

Price And Fees For Maintenance And Updating of WordPress Pages

Let’s see a little what a web maintenance plan is in WordPress, its prices and rates according to the activities to be carried out.

WordPress System Update

WordPress releases new versions from time to time as you can see through its official page. Do I need to update my WordPress page with each update? Yes, without a doubt.

Why update WordPress every time? It is a matter of functionality and security. I know cases of web pages that have not updated the WordPress version and have ended up hacked shortly after.

How much can this task cost? I would say that updating the WordPress page is a very basic task, since it is only giving a button, although the updating process can give an error!

The question is this, if you are not going to be on the lookout for new updates, then you should pay someone who is.

For updating the WordPress (core) system of your website, the price is around 50 and 75 euros per month.

You should also consider whether it is an update requested by you or you have someone to follow up on updates and proactively apply them. Obviously, you’re interested in the latter!

And in the same way that we talk about updating WordPress, you should also update PHP every time a new version of PHP appears, since it represents serious improvements in speed, performance and, above all, in security against all kinds of attacks.

Installation And Renewal of Plugins (Complements) 

The cost of this activity depends on the number of plugins you have installed and the number of these that are paid, although many of the WordPress plugins are free.

Premium plugins, paid, on average costs about 30 euros, sometimes it is a single payment or other times it is an annual payment; With this information you can get your accounts.

A good security plugin could cost you up to 50 euros depending on what it does for your website.

Remember to have a record of the expiration date of the fees of your plugins to make payments on time. To the fee of the plugins you must add the work of the person who is going to update it on your website which is an average of 30 and 50 euros an hour.

As I told you before, updating plugins is not just hitting the button; After updating them, you should check the compatibility with the other plugins, the design template and the WordPress system, in search of possible errors.

Anyway, updating the plugins and doing all the revisions should not take more than 1 hour, if there is no serious compatibility problem.

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