Make Your Music Listening Experience Enjoyable on Android with best Music Players


If you have been a lover of music then you should definitely go for the best music players for enhancing your music experience. You can have mp3 players that help you make the most of your musical playlist and songs.

You can easily do 9apps download if you are looking for the apps. You can find all the mp3 applications on this third party play store. Anyhow, if you find it hard to figure out which mp3 player app would be apt for you, then following are a few apps that you should consider.


This is an ad free, lightweight music player having a lot of features. The app permits you to control your music player by making use of earphone button; a single tap for pause/play, double click would play the next track, and triple click is going to take you to the previous song. Similarly you can fast-Forward the tracks with 4 or more repeated taps.It claims to the only musical application that supports manifold playing queues.  This app is an easy to use platform and gives a great experience to the users. In the terms of functionality, you would find many features in this app that makes it one of the best apps on android. If you haven’t tried it out, you must give it a try now.

Phonograph Music Player

This is a visually enticing app having a neat material design user interface. The UI alters dynamically to match coloras per content on-screen. The theme engine it has permits you to customize the player as you like. Not only is this Android music player is handsome looking but it is rich in features too.

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It might interest you that this app Phonograph automatically downloads all the missing information about your media. The tag editor that is available in this app permits you to conveniently edit the tags like that of title, artist for single songs or even that of whole albums. Indeed, this app is going to give you an excellent experience.This app has other features to like lock screen gapless playback, controls, and even a sleep timer.  The app would be a delight to have.

Pi Music player

Designed and crafted gorgeously, Pi Music Player is packed with all the features that you might prefer in an Android music player app. once you start this app, you be asked to pick a theme.  That you can later change in case you wish to. The app has an amazing looking interface that would enhance your experience for sure.

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You can easily play all the music songs from all your albums and by name, artist and much more.  The application would make the music listening experience absolutely friendly and happening for you.


Thus, these were a few of the many apps that you can think about if you want to improve your musical experience. A good app would definitely help you make the most of your songs and tracks. Browse 9apps to pick the best option!

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