5 Tools For Your Project Management


Tools for your project management

Project management is not a simple task, it is an art to achieve its ends. Whether you are a freelance or a boss, it is always interesting to know what you will need to manage a successful project

Engineers have created many different tools to make our lives easier when it comes to project management. When working with several, the hardest is to meet in the same room, these project management webapps offer a solution to assume in a simpler way. Some of these tools have a mobile version that will allow you to track the progress of your projects at any time.

Base Camp

Base Camp is the most popular tool to manage your projects. Its user interface is very clean and allows to have a complete view on all your projects, the tools and files of your collaborators, all on the same page.

Available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android

Zoho Projects

ZohoProjects is no longer present, this tool is well known to the general public with its user-friendly interface which makes it possible to plan, follow and analyze the progress of the project. You can synchronize your ZohoProjects account with Dropbox to get your files anywhere. The support of Zoho is available in 16 languages. It has a view in digraph of Gantt to have an overview.

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Zoho is free for a project, after it will open your portfolio to continue with this tool on a monthly rate base.

Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is an online project management tool that allows you to efficiently manage your projects. It gives you an overview of the project branches by integrating a multitude of functions. You will find team planning management tools, options on planning, project report, dynamic tools, such as drag-n-drop, estimated time for a task.

Liquid Planner is available for 30 days free , then you will have to pay $ 24 per month per user


Solo covers the biggest needs of freelancers when they are managing projects, if billing your clients is a long and complex task, Solo will make your life easier , it also has a time tracking and budget tracking system that is organized and is done in a dynamic way. Very nice interface.

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The tool is still in Beta. You can register for a trial of their tool with your email or a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account


If you are a freelancer and you have difficulty making progress on your projects, this tool is for you, it will be very useful. This tool is provided with a multitude of features such as dynamic Gantt with a super drag-n-drop system. It also has a time and budget tracking system. Templates are also customizable

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