Social Networks: Your Best Alliese To Genreates Leads


Generating leads through the dissemination of quality content has a cost.The social networks allow you to make the most of this investment by touching more effectively the more targeted and receptive prospects . Find out why these are yourbest allies to generate leads on the Internet .

” I want to see the color of these famous leads qualified before the end of the month! “. Your boss  gave you the green light to produce a whole arsenal of content geared to the needs of your targets . In exchange, you had assured him to harvest quality leads, ie targeted prospects, all ready to be converted into a customer .

Effectively deliver your content to your targets

Now you have to prove the effectiveness of your strategy. Your white papers and other case studies are written and you have planned your blog posts for the next six months. You have also refined theforms that will help you retrieve information about your prospects when they want to download your content. It remains an unknown: will the number of readers – some of whom must become  prospects  – be equal to your investment? If you just publish your content to the bottom of the “Resources” section of your site, or if you blindly bomb the whole of your client file, the return on investment may be disappointing. However, by relying on the soundboard that are social media , you will get better results .

The effect of social media’s “resonance box”

By posting an article on your blog , you immediately reach out to your entire community . The circle is virtuous. The more you publish relevant content and the more it expands. Everyone who appreciates your article is likely to share it in one click to all its network on Facebook or Twitter for example. A network in which other people may also share it. And so on. So you can potentially hit a very large target without increasing your investment .

Careful followers

Your community is made up of followers who have made the effort tosubscribe to your publications feed on different networks. Andeveryone chooses the moment when he discovers them. This makes it more pleasant – and therefore more effective – to contact your messages .

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Imagine also the case of a user who visits your blog because a colleague has recommended an interesting article. This visitor will bemore likely to accomplish the action you expect from him – that is, fill out a form to access additional content – only when he is “disturbed” by an umpteenth email solicitation about a promotional offer .

Content better referenced by Google

Another benefit – and not least – to publish on social networks is that without additional investment, your content will be better referenced by Google .The American giant takes into account “the social footprint”, that is to say the set of “traces” of your brand on these networks. If your article has been much “retweet” or if your presentation on Slideshare has been seen by many people, all this will have a positive impact on SEO. Direct consequence: your more visible content is more likely to be read. and the snowball effect is prolonged as more users are likely to share them again .

A wealth of information

Finally, social networks can serve as a “compass” to determine what direction to give your content to reach your target. Such white paper has been very little uploaded? Try re-proposing it with a new title and watch the reactions. Or deliver a condensed version if you notice in the comments that it was a little indigestible with its 150 detailed pages. Followers’ comments are also an excellent springboard for engaging in dialogue and subtly retrieving information about your prospects . In conclusion, it will mostly cost you time to take full advantage of these social networks but this investment is beneficial in so many ways that it is justified, right?

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To learn how to best benefit from these social networks, we offer training and advice to lead generation .Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects in digital marketing!

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